Safety rules:

  1. Watch the rally only in official spectator areas.
  2. Strictly follow instructions given by police or safety officers, marshals and other officials of the rally.
  3. Never turn your back to the track during the race.
  4. Never stand in outside of the corner or behind the jump. Most dangerous place is first 50-70 metres behind the jump or a corner at both sides of the track. Please note that staying inside can also be dangerous.
  5. Do not stand at lower level than track is. Roadside ditches often “pull” cars in making them very dangerous.
  6. Never walk on the track during the rally. Crews start at one-minute interval from each other, however, the gaps are likely to minimize due to mistakes or technical issues. It can be very hard to notice another crew in a cloud of snow.
  7. Never leave children and domestic animals without supervision.
  8. Avoid harming crops and other property of local residents.
  9. Remember that every person who deliberately crosses the security lines or leaves spectator area is personally responsible for his/hers own safety.
  10. Be socially responsible if you see fellow spectators violating the rules – discipline them and if that does not help – warn the safety personnel.

Please note!

Every person that watches a sports event (rally) must know particularities of this kind of sport and the spectator responsibilities:

Translation from Physical culture and sport law of Lithuanian Republic:

  1. There must be a possibility to familiarize with safety requirements during a specific event. Organiser carries no responsibility for harm that was suffered and (or) caused to third parties by the spectators, if they do not follow stated requirements and rules of public order.

(17.04.2008, No.X-1501, chapter VI art. 42 clause 5)

(2008-04-17, Nr.X-1501, VI chapter 42 str. 5 p.)