2020 m. July 22 d.

“Inbank team Pitlane” pilot Benediktas Vanagas after a break of less than two years returns to stages of classic rally in homeland. But this return in very special. Sportsman will drive as “0” with “Toyota Gazoo Racing Hilux” car. Record for Baltic countries 11th place was won with this car in hardest race in the work “Dakar Rally”.

B.Vanagas is honest that possibility to show up on Lithuanian stages with “Toyota Hilux” appeared due to worldwide situation. Pandemic cut all the chances to compete in “FIA World Cup of cross Country Bajas”. So team changed race strategy. This year “Inbank team Pitlane” postpones fight for better result till most important race – Dakar Rally. Till then it will be the time of preparation.

“It is sad that all plan of races changed so dramatically. But I am happy to have a chance to show “Toyota Hilux” “at home”” – said B. Vanagas.

Massive “cross-country” type car on narrow stages of classic rally – unique experience for rally fans. Impressive view of car will be led by sounds of powerful 5l V8 engine. Last year spectators of Estonian rally experienced it. B. Vanagas had a mission of “0” there as well.

In Rokiškis as well as in Estonia co- driver Mindaugas Čepulis will be sitting next to B. Vanagas. Fans remember this tandem since 2018 till when sportsmen were competing in classical rally. “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“-  great opportunity to watch the team on stages, to visit „Inbank team Pitlane“ in service zone, take a picture with a Dakar car and get some team merchandise.

B. Vanagas and M. Čepulis will perform the function of safety. Professional sportsmen driving 75% of possible race speed will watch the area, evaluate suitability of stages for race and forward all the information to responsible persons of race. By the way, „Toyota Hilux“ will announce start of the race, as 5 minutes later than „0“ team first race car will start.

„Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ will be held July 31 / August 1 in Rokiškis and Zarasai area. This race is event of Lithuanian and Latvian rally championship. As well as „Baltic Rally Trophy“ event. Spectators will see both „Team Pilante“ teams, favorites of Lithuanian rally championship and foreign sportsmen: WRC2 sportsman Nikolay Gryazin, twice European rally cross champion Reinis Nitišs, champion of Finland Teemu Asunmaa, rising rally start fourteen years old Hubert Laskowski.