2020 m. June 20 d.

Rokiškis will become capital of Lithuanian rally July 31 – August 1. “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ will be held there. This year race will cover Rokiškis and Zarasai areas.

Driver from Panevėžys Giedrius Notkus states, that organizers` decision to integrate two regions is great. According to Lithuanian champion Zarasai is well known for its roads perfectly fitting to rally. Giedrius Notkus says that this collaboration will make rally more various for spectator and for sportsmen.

“Zarasai and “300 Lakes Rally” brings me only the best memories. Summer, great weather, a lot of people. Zarasai used to have special atmosphere all the times. One of best rallies were there.

Place is very different. A lot of forests, jumps. Special stages are not the easiest ones there. You can do your best on such special stages. I am happy that rally comes back to Zarasai. I am looking forward to drive on special stages in this area”- says Giedrius Notkus.



According to rally champion specifics of Rokiškis and Zarasai stages are different. Stages in Rokiškis have fast sections, stages in Zarasa are slowes, more “curved”. As Giedrius Notkus says, such stages might be very tricky for younger drivers. Especially when after fast roads you should slow down a lot and be more technical.

“Zarasai area is not typical Lithuanian rally example. Special stages are not fast but they are very technical and requires a lot of concentration. Ability to communicate is very important for team hear. As car is regulated according to most of stages, you must think of few slower stages and you will have to drive in a little bit different way, car will act differently.

Of course it is difficult to become slower by yourself as well. But we are quite experienced in doing this. But rally should be various. Rally sportsman should be universal and should be able to drive anywhere. It will be more difficult for less experienced sportsmen. But experienced teams will manage this” – tells rally champion.

“Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ will be second event of Lithuanian rally championship. Participants of Latvian championship and „Baltic Rally Trophy“ will start their season here. More information about event available on .