2020 m. June 17 d.

Organizers of “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis” start one more project – mini rally event. Although “Samsonas Rally Juodupė 2020” to win “Samsonas Motorsport” Cup used to be first event of mini rally season and take place May 2nd , worldwide pandemic and quarantine forced to change the date. August 22 – new date of rally.

“Samsonas Rally Juodupė 2020” will be third race on mini rally calendar this year. Organizers will prepare 4 special stages driven twice each. Participants will deal with distance of 22,66 km. Overall distance 62,54 km. Although typically mini rally stages are tarmac this time most of stages will be on gravel roads. Organizers count that 81% of stages will be gravel, 19% – tarmac. So participants of mini rally who are used to “semi-slick” type of tires will have to look for tires fitting more to gravel.

“Our team is not enough of organizing 1 event per year. As one date of event was free, we`ve decided to join a mini rally season. Due to coronavirus our plans changed a little bit, and instead of first event we will organize third.

As for several year we collaborate with Rokiškis area, comunity of Juodupė welcomed us as well. Inhabitants of Juodupė are also willing to join organizing by volunteers. Some of them will gain experience two weeks earlier in „Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ race” – stated organizer of race Audrius Gimžauskas.

Participants of mini rally adre devided into 9 classes depending on car they drive. This years mini rally calendar has 4 planned events. First event will be held in Lazdijai, second in Kaunas, third time participants will meet in Juodupė, and final race will be held in Kaunas.

All information on „Samsonas Rally Juodupė 2020” event, documentation will be available on the same website as “Samsonas Rally Rokiškis“ news – .